History of Jarwa House

Since 1900* – 2020

The Golden Journey

The gold safari of Jarwa House began way back in the 1900’s with Nittaya Gopal Roy as a jeweler at Wari, Dhaka. From 1940 and onwards his son KC ROY and SC ROY bejeweled the business by establishing a shop and factory space at their ancestral home.

Among the very few jewelers all around east and West Pakistan,  SC ROY gained recognition mainly because of a diverse range of immaculately designed jewelry, a keen understanding of customers’ need and a constant pursuit for innovation to not only keep up with trends, but also to set new ones. Mrs. SC Roy was the only woman of that time in east and West Pakistan who was delicately known for flawless and perfectionist work of real pearls. Later in 1972, the business was registered by SC Roy as “New Jarwa House”.

In 1984, SC ROY along with his son BC ROY jointly worked together and opened its flagship store in Elephant road, Dhaka. Stepping into the 21st century, with brilliant craftsmanship and exclusivity as well as an expanding clientele it would be pertinent to describe Jarwa House as timeless as it gets. Recognized now as “The premium Jewelry Brand” of the country. Jarwa House has defeated the weariness of time. Four generations, Jarwa House legacies staying closely tied with tradition but also setting up new path for future.


To be the industry leader by providing new and innovative high-quality jewelry & customer service.


  • Understanding customers’ needs and demands.
  • Providing most desirable, luxurious, absolute and exclusive jewelry.
  • Create superior value to customers.


  • More fashionable and exclusive product than other local manufacturer.
  • Promote brands quality, luxury, trust.
  • Upgrading design with the changes of customers’ needs.

Why Us

  • We are countries most recognized Jewelry brand
  • Excellent customer service
  • We have highly experienced designers and craftsman
  • Magnificent category of product
  • Unique design
  • Product customization facilities
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent sales staff

Philosophy of Jarwa House

Our company’s culture is based on creativity with differentiation and individuality with high quality materials and high standards in production. Our vision is to keep the promise we made 100 years ago with values like teamwork, responsibility, discipline. Quality for the end consumer is key priority for us, and we are committed to fulfilling our promises. All production phases are completed by our professional gemologist to secure quality control and our high quality standards. Our retail shops personnel is trained to offer services and convey the unique features of our Jewelry to end consumers.